Nikki Catsouras Car Crash

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Nikki Catsouras Car Crash Photos,
You probably know the story. 18 year old Nikki Catsouras a.k.a. Porsche Girl had an argument with her Father and he took her car keys away. So she borrowed his $150,000 Porsche and was speeding in excess of 100MPH before hitting a Honda that was doing 70MPH and ploughing into this tollbooth.

Nikki Catsouras, 18, died in a horrifying car crash in 2006. Days afterward, her father received an email with a picture of the bloody accident scene and the caption, "Woohoo! Hey daddy, I'm still alive."

Writes Jessica Bennett for Newsweek, "From the beginning, Nikki's death had all the makings of a sensational story. She was gorgeous; it was Halloween, and she was driving a $90,000 sports car." But why did the nine photographs leaked from the scene of her accident become a sick, twisted internet phenomenon? [Warning: The pictures, should you search for them, are VERY graphic, and the family wishes you would not see them.]

California Highway Patrol apologized for the leaked pictures; two CHP dispatchers were to blame. One man's attorney said that he sent the images to relatives and friends "as a cautionary tale" to warn them of the dangers of the road. "Any young person that sees these photos and is goaded into driving more cautiously or less recklessly-that's a public service."

Whether or not the pictures did any "public service" is debatable; what did happen was that they popped up on websites specializing in morbid stuff. A fake MySpace page was set up in Nikki's name, where she was called a "stupid bitch." Commenters wrote things like, "That spoiled rich girl deserved it," and "What a waste of a Porsche."

Nikki's family sued the CHP for negligence, privacy invasion and infliction of emotional harm, but a judge dismissed the case. The Catsourases are appealling. Jessica Bennett notes: "But while libel and slander are regulated by law in the real world, in the cyberworld almost anything goes… Legally, anyone can post bloody images of Nikki Catsouras." The real question is: Why do people want to? Rubber-necking at a traffic accident when you're actually on the road is one thing, but setting up a fake MySpace for a dead girl is another. What possesses a person to email a father bloody pictures of his daughter? And do you think it should be illegal?

Back in February the NYPOST had this to say about it - This past Halloween, 18-year-old Nikki Catsouras was killed in a car crash. A few days later, Catsouras' teenage cousin - answering a text message - flipped open her cellphone and was confronted with a picture of the mortally wounded Nikki, who suffered massive head trauma and lost most of her face and head, at the scene.
While Catsouras was still being mourned, more pictures from the scene were anonymously posted on the dead girl's formerly benign MySpace page, and they are now - without the family's consent, which is not needed - being used in at least one criminal-law class at a local community college. (Police admitted on Tuesday that an officer leaked the pictures; the family has filed a $20 million lawsuit.)

California Highway Patrol policy and the state vehicle code forbids Police from distributing crime scene photos publicly. November 15 a judge in California ruled that the Catsouras family's lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol for allegedly releasing the accident scene pictures can go forward.

That case was unsuccessful in March this year but the Catsouras famlily are appealing.

More from other sources - Traveling at speeds exceeding 100 mph in a car her parents say she never had driven before, the 2001 Porsche Carrera zoomed northbound on the 241 before striking a 2006 Honda Civic. The Honda spun out, coming to rest in the dirt center divider.

The lone person in the Honda was transferred to a hospital with minor injuries. He has sued the Catsouras family for damages. That case is pending.

The Porsche Nikki was driving crossed all northbound lanes and then the center divider. It hit a dip, causing it to go airborne. The black convertible then crossed all southbound lanes of traffic and came to rest upside down against the toll plaza.


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