Farrah Abraham ignores Charlie Sheen's insults and debuts new silicone D-cups in public

By on 10:10 AM

Farrah Abraham showed his new curves in the Sapphire Pool and Day Club in Las Vegas on Friday. It seems as though Farrah Abraham puts Charlie Sheen ADE-hater far behind her.

Instead of wallowing, a 22-year-old went out and celebrated its new D-cup silicone silhouette.

Slipping into an incredibly small bikinis, the former Teen Mom debuted a new curves in the pool Sapphire & Day Spa in Las Vegas on Friday.

There was barely enough blue sequined material to cover her decollegate update, but that did not stop Tara Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom with endless posing by the pool.

The former star of MTV, seemed to adapt to the new body, as it is constantly pushed on top of her and grabbed her breast, which went from C-cup D-cup.Even friendly model tried her hand to help Farrah Abraham with her ​​top.


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